First Post on where I come from (Seriously)….

Well this is my first post in this wordpress blog and I will try to keep it short and sweet which is difficult for me as I like to talk and I like to write and have a tendency to not shut up, long-winded so to speak, but a long wind of much intelligence and Indian sophistication, the kind of Indian sophistication required to make a good bannock or tell a good story, the latter is me, the former is my mom so were both Indian sophisticated. OK the long wind is starting I better get to my introduction. 

I am Derek Fox, I am Anishinaabe, I practice law, specifically Corporate Commercial, Aboriginal, Civil Litigation and Estates and Wills. I have two sons, my Anishinaabe Cubs who will morph into Kings of this Earth before I know it. I am of Cree, Ojibwe and Oji-Cree descent, I call Treaty 3 and 9 home and the way I was brought into this world was a unique one, no not what you think.

I can still remember shades of it, but I was walking through the bush somehow listening to the wind and being pushed by it at the same time. In the wind I could hear the sound of drums, they sounded like a heart beat that was similar to mine but nicer. As I followed and got closer I could see an old woman sitting beside a tent, it appeared to be made of hide or canvas, I couldn’t tell, but my attention went to the woman, she had long black hair, singing a song that was being sung to the beat of the drum. 

Then darkness and I felt trapped and scared, when the woman I saw sitting by the tent pulled me from the darkness and kissed me on the forehead. She said do you know how you got here? I said no. She said you were thrown from that tree, that tall evergreen, you were wrapped in a bundle of sweet grass and muskeg. I shall consider you my Northern gift since it is the North from which you were thrown and the muskeg, which surrounds us shall always protect you. 

So that is how the North came to be my home. Anyway, the work day at my office is coming to an end and the fact I am out of jolly ranchers tells me that I got my work done. I will have to say see you later to the group of pigeons outside my window, I swear I see them shaking their head at me sometimes. I think they disagree with my legal analysis with respect to my work, birds have been here longer than all of us, even the Anishinaabe, I think its time I ask for their legal opinion about their lands, they appear to have a lot to say. 

But. More blogs are a comin, blogs about politics, the law, hockey, the land, hunting and well lets just say everything I love and there is not a whole lot in this world I don’t love, except the LEAFS maybe, don’t get those guys or their fans, I kid I kid. But it is time that this Indian dances his way out of the office as it is TGIF. Thanks for reading if reading is what you did, if laughing is what you did, even better.  


PS- that is how I was brought into this world, just check my birth certificate. I think it is a piece of bark sitting somewhere near that tree I was thrown from. It was supposed to be a part of the package but fell in flight….




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